Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow – Sand, Anthracite


variety: sand, anthracite
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  • Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow - Sand, Anthracite

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100% hypoallergenic siliconized polyester fibers


80 x 54 cm (32 x 21 in)


Moon Clover


pillow: 100% cotton, cover: 100% minky (polyester, certified)

SKU TM 008

The first days with a baby are full of emotions and questions, especially those related to breastfeeding.

With this in mind, we undertook a very important mission – to create a universal pillow. One that will support you both during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

Universal pillow Moon Clover has been designed in such a way as to take care of the future mother’s comfort during pregnancy by relieving her back, shoulders and neck.

The pillow is equipped with tie-strings, which makes it easy and quick for mum to adjust it to her figure. After all, each of us is different and each deserves maximum comfort during these special days.

Thanks to the wide front part the pillow provides maximum comfort also in sitting position giving support to the back and proper arms support during feeding. Specially profiled front part is a comfortable support for the baby.

This pillow is quite different from other Moon Clover pillows: it is desgined to give you good support during both pregnancy and nursing. Such a design decision comes with it’s consequences – the universal pillow is only “as good” as a pregnancy pillow and “as good” as a nursing pillow.

In other words, if you are struggling in your pregnancy, suffering from hips and arms pains, then you’d be better off buying either the “9” or the “U” large pregnancy pillow. If you already have given birth, then for nursing only we recommend the Moon Clover Nursing Pillow.

But if you are feeling great in pregnancy and would like just a little bit of support, and you don’t like to buy too many specialized accessories, then the universal pillow is perfect for you.

So – just wrap the pillow around your waist, tie and place the baby on it. It’s so easy!

The pillow is made in Poland, from certified, safe fabrics. It is machine-washable and the instructions are given below as well as on the pillow flyer.

If you have any questions regarding our offer, please give us a call (customer phone number is at the top of the page) or send us an email at

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