Pregnancy Pillow – 9-shaped – Pastel Rose, Jean


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  • Pregnancy Pillow - 9-shaped - Pastel Rose, Jean
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100% hypoallergenic siliconized polyester fibers


145 x 55 cm (57 x 21 in)


Moon Clover


pillow: 100% cotton, cover: 100% minky (polyester, certified)

SKU TM 000

A pregnancy pillow is undoubtedly one of those products that greatly affect comfort during pregnancy. Women who tried such a pillow once, cannot imagine pregnancy without it.

The most common problem during pregnancy is hips and arm pains. Sleeping on one side – mainly on the left side – is advised by most physicians as the safest and most comfortable position during pregnancy. In this position hips and the left arm do suffer from uneven position and excessive preassure already after a few nights.

Pregnancy pillow “9” is designed to provide you with the necessary and sufficient support:
– to mitigate uneven hip position
– to diminish the preassure on your left arm
– to allow you to lean partly on your back, while still maitaining side-position

These objectives have been achieved by the pillow’s shape and it’s unique internal construction. It resambles the number “9”, which not only perfectly fits it’s purpose, but also relates to the 9 months of pregnancy.

The pillow’s internal structure is comprised of a few separated compartments for the filling. This is a common design solution for most Moon Clover pillows. Separating filling in a few internal chambers ensures that the pillow will provide required support for legs, which are heavy, while it will be soft and fluffy underneath your belly, and “just-right” under your head.
Pregnancy Pillow “9” has 4 separate compartments:
– the legs section
– the belly section
– the head section and
– the back section
Each compartment can be accessed separately in order to add or remove as much filling as you would like, thus allowing you to individually adjust the firmness/fluffiness of each section according to your preferences.

The pillows has removable, washable cover, made from safe, certified fabrics.

Besides the engeneering inside Moon Clover pillows, we have taken care to make them beautiful and feminine. You can choose a pillow that will fit your bedroom and style perfectly. Please let us know in the comments which color and fabric is your favorite.

The pillow is made in Poland and can be washed in a washing machine. Detailed instructions can be found below, as well as on the pillow flyer.

Please note that we advise this pillow (as well as the U-shaped pillow) primarily as a pregnancy pillow. It is possible to use is also as a nursing pillow, but the comfort of nursing a baby will be much greater on the Moon Clover nursing pillow. If you do not experience pains and other significant discomforts during your preganancy, then we advise you to purchase the Moon Clover universal pillow (Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow). This pillow can be used both to provide you with some basic support during sleeping in pregnancy, as well as to nurse your baby after birth.
If you have any questions regarding choosing a pillow, please call us (the customer support phone number is at the top of the page) or send us an email at

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